Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Joys of Service

One of our favorite parts of being a full-time missionary is getting to know the people we serve with in and around Ho. They fill our days with joy and love.

Most senior high school students live and board right on campus. We love to go see them on visiting days to find out how they're doing and to bring them a little treat, which is usually biscuits and a local malt drink.

The youth know the sound of our truck and are often waiting for us when we get home. We love their
happy smilies and their love for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Brother Dikro is a member of the Ho 1st branch and one of the finest tailors in town. He's sewn us scripture bags, a purse and even a new pair of pants. He's also always working with the missionaries to make sure they look their best.
Brother Ankra lives in Tsito and is a barber and a basket weaver. He and his wife Josephine have 6 children and we always stop to visit them when we're in town because they make us feel so welcome and special.

Sister Atando lives in Ho and sells popcorn, ground nuts and water in a busy part of town.
She's always thinking of new business ideas and we love when she goes back
to her hometown to buy fresh bananas, which we make into the best smoothies.

Young kids are pretty inquisitive about senior missionary couples and tend to gather around us whenever we sit down. We had taken some pictures of them and they laughed and laughed when they saw themselves on our camera.

It takes a lot of work (and strength) to make some of the main dishes here in Ghana. Sarah is pounding cassava into a dough that will be used to make Fufu, which is then served with soup. 

Sarah has a calling in the District Young Women's Presidency and loves working with and training the local leaders. 

Edith always waves us down when we pass by so that she can tell us that she loves and misses us!

Congratulations to our friends on the recent addition of a baby girl to their family.
And she came out with more hair than John!


  1. Our prayers are with you. We love reading about your adventures. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures! What an amazing mission you are having!!! It is so obvious how much you are loved by the people! Great job!!! We love you❤️

  3. The picture with all those kids surrounding John looking at their photograph is my favorite of John so far!! Love it!

  4. Hello Elder and Sister Bodine
    We are Elder James - (his first name is Tanner) granparents. We just returned home from Urdaneta Philippines Mission Sr. Couple. We enjoy looking at your blog and will continue to. We also had a blog if you choose to look at it - we had just as much fun and spiritual experiences. Our Sr Couples were featured in the Church's online Meridian Magazine last week and in the Deseret News
    Please look out for Elder James in your Mission for our family ! Tell him we love him ! He arrived in about October.
    Love, Brother Dennis and Sister Beth Ann Roberts