Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Faith in Every Footstep

Each week here in Ghana brings different adventures and new opportunities to serve and grow. Many of these experiences are brand new to us, so relying on the Lord to guide us as we go has been a wonderful learning experience. Here are a few of the things that have kept us busy these past few weeks:

We've been helping many of the youth get ready for school. Here we're shopping in the outdoor market for food and other provisions, since most of the students board at the school and won't come home until Christmas.

I'll never be part Ghanaian if I can't learn to balance anything on my head!

This is Faith's dorm room at school that she shares with 25 other girls from here school. She's
wearing the uniform of her school in the color that indicates that she's
 in form 3 or the final year at senior high school.

Each student has to bring their own tank of gas to use for cooking at the school. It took almost an hour to get through the line and, at 95+ degrees and almost 100% humidity, our sweat could have probably filled up the tank.

Meeting up with the missionaries usually entails finding something to eat. The elders know that Sarah is a little more hesitant when it comes to trying the local foods, but they always seem to get Elder Bodine to try something new.

Sarah has been meeting with all the young women in our area to take them through their Personal Progress booklet. This is Veronica from Kpando who was baptized 4 months ago. She's already completed most of her value experiences and she will be receiving her medallion in the next few months.

We do a lot of teaching at mid-week activities where the local branch members get together to study the scriptures and learn more about the gospel. Here are some members from Kpando "holding fast to the iron rod."

A big part of what we do each day is spending time with the families from the 5 branches where we serve. They always welcome us with open arms and bright smiles and we love the friendships we've made with these loving people. 
Here are the elders from the Ho Zone after zone training. These are 18 of the finest young men and we feel blessed and privileged to work with them on a daily basis. What amazing examples of faith, obedience and sacrifice.

A few weeks ago, the Hohoe Group was made into a Branch. The church is growing quickly here in
Western Africa and we were humbled to be present on this historic day. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! How amazing everyone is! You can feel the spirit of the gospel even through the pictures.

  2. Jude kept asking about the picture of John and the little boy saying "I want to play with them" we Love and miss you.

  3. I can't believe it took me this long to come across your blog, it's wonderful! We are grateful for any details we can get. Thank you for taking care of our missionaries. I know Elder Grant really appreciates your PB sandwiches when you go up to Hohoe. I also appreciated your updates after he arrived in Hohoe after leaving the MTC. --- Tracy G.

  4. Elder Flake is blessed to have you two so near to them. He says you guys are "rock stars" Thank you so much for your service. And ^^Tracy G - Elder Flake loves your son too - he calls him "G-Money" :)

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  5. Hi Paula! My son thinks Elder Flake is great! :) He and his companion are the only missionaries in Hohoe and he absolutely loves it when they get to travel down and meet with your son and the other missionaries for district mtg. -- Tracy G.

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