Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We had a chance to leave the MTC for an hour to go to the local mall and pick up a few things. The currency here in Ghana are called cedis and the exchange rate is 4 cedis for 1 US dollar - a pretty good value for us. The grocery store had a lot of what we're used to in the states, including a few of our favorites as the pictures prove below.

What wasn't quite the same were the frozen pizzas we decided to cook up for lunch one day. If it doesn't say DiGiorno's....
Some of the other senior couples in the area have promised to take us to the best pizza place in Accra after we visit the temple tomorrow and we can't wait!

On the way back to the MTC, President Robison and the Malmroses took us by their favorite local outdoor market. The fruit here is fresh and amazingly sweet and we stocked up on a few mangos and lemons for later. You have to give all the fruits and vegetables a quick bleach bath, but it's worth it!

We had a nice surprise when our mission president, President Heid and his wife, stopped by to introduce themselves and to meet the missionaries that will be serving with them in the Accra mission. All of the sisters below and most of these elders will be serving together - what an amazing group of talented, humble and spiritual young women and men!

Little did we know, but President Heid also wanted to take us out driving to test out our new international drivers licenses. He shared his wisdom and guidance for learning how to drive like a local in a few short words, including, "stay alert, never flinch and gun it" if we remember correctly. He proved an excellent teacher as we both made it through the 5 Circles of Death without a scratch on our new set of wheels. We also got to visit some of the local ward and branch buildings including a brand new chapel near Bethlehem.

But nothing beats being back at the MTC and the spirit we feel at this great building. We have loved our time here and the personal growth and learning we've been able to experience. And we can't forget the singing! Here's how the French Elders and Sisters from the Congo perform Israel, Israel God is Calling. We wish you could all be here to hear it live!

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  1. Excited to follow your stories throughout the year!