Monday, June 8, 2015

Our time at the Ghana MTC came to a close last week and we sadly but fondly said goodbye (for now) to all the wonderful friends we came to know and love during our week there. We'd especially like to thank the Robison's and Malmrose's for being such amazing teachers, examples and friends. Every couple should have an opportunity to spend a week together as companions at the MTC. Not only will your love and affection for each other grow, but your testimony of the gospel and your love for our Savior will be put back at the center of your lives. May God be with these great leaders and missionaries until we meet them again.

Elder Curtis (West Africa Area President) and his wife came to the MTC for a devotional and wanted a picture with all the missionaries.
We went out driving through Tema again, this time to get our non-citizen cards. We're learning that you have to be both an offensive and defensive driver at the same time (not so easy to do) and that you have to keep your head on a swivel to avoid hitting or being hit by a taxi, tro-tro (taxi vans), motorcycles, jaywalkers, hawkers (those who sell things right on the street), goats, chickens, cows and even the occasional grass-cutter (you don't even want to know)!

We've spent the last few days at the Ghana Accra mission home and have had such a wonderful time getting to know President and Sister Heid, who are such amazing and wonderful people. Being with them has felt like being with our family and friends back home. We were even able to play a little badminton and golf in the courtyard of the mission home. Sarah's running group will be happy to know that she was able to log a few miles on the roads and in the pool with Sister Heid the other day. Thankfully, she was also able to find some wonderful pizza and chocolate shakes in downtown Accra, fully redeeming our earlier mistake of trying the local, frozen pizza!

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